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About Xcelogic

I’ve had the privilege of teaching hundreds of leadership classes in large and small corporate environments, not for profit organizations, and several universities. My field of specialization is leadership and organizational management.

Through working with thousands of people, from CEOs to brand new college learners, I’ve learned how to effectively coach and inspire people to reach and accomplish their goals.

Over the last 20 years I have focused on building a series of leadership training programs that takes leadership from a nebulous, touchy feely soft skill – to a simple technical skill that high achievers can grab hold of and implement immediately.

That’s my passion!

My Ultimate Leader series of programs have a proven track record of results. I’ve personally worked with over 600 leaders at Y12 National Nuclear Complex, over 400 leaders at Mars Pet Care, and a core team of senior leaders from the National Nuclear Security Administration, just to name a few high profile clients.

Let me tell you – they are tough, demanding customers. If I can get amazing results for them, I can do the same for your organization.

If you would like to have a conversation about your company’s leadership development, schedule a call we me online.

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Ultimate Leader Online


Hands down it’s because of their leadership skills.

What does it take to be a great leader? You have to invest in yourself!

Think about it. You are your own corporation – You, Inc. So… what is your personal corporation’s value? Are you where you want to be in your career and relationships?

Getting that job you want and achieving your goals hinges on making a commitment to grow and develop yourself. That’s what the Ultimate Leader Online program is all about.

Ultimate Leader On-Site Programs

Great to Extraordinary

It’s not that leaders already have to be great or extraordinary – it’s that they could be – they’d like to be – they just want to do their best.

We channel the energy of technically oriented achievers to learn how to get amazing results with people. These talented leaders must have the opportunity to smooth their rough edges to succeed.

As a decision maker – you get it! You know what results you need for your team; you’re just looking for the best, most cost effective way to get there.

So what’s next? Discover more about what our Ultimate Leader programs can do for your leadership team.

Ultimate Leaders Conflict Resolution

We love conflict!

Without conflict there would be no growth or innovation.

On the flip side, nothing kills performance faster than unresolved conflict. Unresolved conflict causes hurt feelings and the people involved become mad, sad, and scared – creating a firestorm of emotions.

When we resolve conflict we see jobs saved, lawsuits avoided, and relieved people that are back on track and working together.

Instead of hurt people, they are happy. Instead of distracted people, they are focused.

So rather than worry that someone might leave the business or file a lawsuit let’s get together, resolve the conflicts, and move forward.

High profile clients have trusted us to get the job done and so can you.

Ultimate Leader Mentoring

Why mentoring?

Because asking for help is not a sign of weakness.

We work with bold, candid, and confident leaders that don’t have a problem asking for help.

These leaders realize that by setting their ego aside, by seeking out a trusted adviser, they accelerate their career.

In just one mentoring get-together these leaders discover solutions that advance their vision and goals. Their reaction: “Wow! I wish I would have know this years ago!”

Since you are a leader that won’t let anything stand in your way, find out more about the Ultimate Leader Mentoring experience.

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